The MacMurray College Social Work Program, along with help and cooperation from Administration, the Henry Pfieffer Library Staff, the Illinois Great River Methodist Conference Archives, and two student researchers developed this publication for the 20th year celebration of accreditation of the Social Work Program.

Download a copy of the Paper here.

There are four main themes present from the publication on this website. The early history of MacMurray College prior to any formal sociology or social work courses, the roots of social work and how it sprouted from the formal sociology classes, the Dr. Richard Nesmith era, and the formal accreditation stage of the social work program.

If you prefer listening, we have 4 podcasts that can be listened to or downloaded. Click on the title below to go to the host site.

MacMurray College Social Work Podcast 1
A podcast based on the MacMurray College Social Work Program's publications called, "MacMurray College and Social Work: A Century of Social Work Education." This first podcast contains an introduction by a co-author, and stories about Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothea Dix and Judge William Thomas, and Jane Addams. All had links to MacMurray College. Authors: Dr. Joe Squillace, Kady Darr, and Jessica Wilson.
MacMurray College Social Work Podcast 2
Kady Darr, a MacMurray Social Work alumna who worked on the history project, discusses the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) at MacMurray, Louise Gates Eddy and her meeting with Gandhi (8:45), and some late 1960's history of the Black Student Union on campus (15:50).
MacMurray College Social Work Podcast 3
In this episode, Kady Darr, our distinguished social work alumna, discusses the link between social work and Methodism, a review of 100 years of social work education course development, and the era of Elsa Peverly Kimball as Chair of Sociology.
MacMurray College Social Work Podcast 4
This final episode entails a group of MacMurray Sociology students being arrested in Alabama in 1960 while on a field trip with Dr. Richard Nesmith, the revival of social work at MacMurray in the 1970's (10:20), and the move towards accreditation (13:00).