Social work students go through stages of progression to obtain their BSW at MacMurray College. Completion of all the components of one stage must be completed before progression to the next stage.

Stage 1

1. Admission to MacMurray College: this is conducted solely through the college and not by the Social Work program.
Maturity to accept the extra self-discipline to be a social work major (i.e. regular attendance in all classes, academic honesty, self-examination and ability to cope with personal problems)

Stage 2

At the completion of SCWK 203 – Introduction to Social Work, students will complete the BSW application, which includes the following:

1. Notify the BSW Program if student has felony convictions on record;            
Certify that the student has read the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics and will adhere to its principles and standards;

Write a series of 3 short essays that describe the influences on why the                                         students wants to be a social worker;

Signed statement that the student has read the BSW Program Student                                         Handbook. 

Stage 3

At this stage the student will be assessed for readiness to enter practicum. The student is required to meet with their social work faculty advisor and/or the Director of Field Education. The following criteria must be met before entering the field placement.


1. Completion of 45 hours of voluntary service
Social work students are required to attain and maintain a minimum of an overall College GPA of 2.5 and must make at least a “C” in prerequisite courses and social work courses. Although a student may get credit for a “C” in an individual social work course, the student’s overall social work GPA must average to at least 2.5 to continue in the program. Therefore, any C in a social work course must be offset by at least a “B” in another social work course in order to attain the 2.5 overall.

Completion of a 250 word essay on why the student is ready for practicum.

4. Completion of Field Training: Field Practicum Orientation and Mandated Reporter Training. 
Compliance with standards and conduct of the profession. (Any student may be reviewed at any time if she or he is unable to maintain the standards set for his or her class standing.)

All of the criteria should be met before any placement at a field agency.

          Stage 4

Students will be reviewed by the Agency Field Instructor of their placement agency and social work faculty. Students will complete a professional portfolio in Senior Seminar class (SCWK 495).


Students who are unable to fulfill all of the requirements for each level of acceptance for the BSW degree may be accepted on a conditional basis (considered a probationary period).  If a student is accepted conditionally, those conditions will be put in writing and reviewed by the student and her or his advisor at the midterm and the end of each semester.