A graduating student with a BSW from MacMurray is able to apply for "Advanced Standing" when applying for an MSW program (Master in Social Work). You will receive advanced standing based on the fact you are graduating with a BSW degree from an accredited BSW program – which we are!

The amount of credits accepted varies from MSW program to MSW program.

Some programs accept as few as 9, 15 or 18, and others as many as 33. Many of our recent graduates were accepted into MSW programs that are accepting 30 and 33 credits respectively. Thus, they are graduating with their Bachelors degree from MacMurray in May and will be able to graduate (as a full time student) with their Masters degree (MSW) in the following May - only 1 year!

Our recommendation is to call the MSW programs you are interested in and ask them directly about their Advanced Standing policies. Most of them post general info about this on their websites, but usually say “on a case-by-case basis”.