A History of the Morgan County Poorhouse and Farm Book

Published November 2017

By Dr. Joe Squillace, Associate Professor of Social Work at MacMurray College

The Morgan County Poorhouse and Farm in Jacksonville, Illinois, as author Dr. Joe Squillace shows, served a wide array of persons with various human, mental and social needs, a product of the intellectual and religious surrounding community. What is revealed is an institution that struggles, like today’s institutions, to meet the needs of those living in poverty with resource constraints and the current knowledge base of how to address complex needs. As a whole, the book demonstrates that the poorhouse and farm was a predecessor social and health care service institution to many of later 20th century institutions, such as day care facilities, hospitals and urgent care centers, and nursing homes. A History of the Poorhouse and Farm in Morgan County, Illinois is not simply the story and events from long ago, but through seeing the names and faces, hearing the stories of the people residing there, the book provides a tangible connection to a frontier rural county’s struggle with handling poverty as it developed through the 19th and 20th centuries



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Published by the Morgan County Historical Society


Poor Farm Cemetery List of Persons Buried There

Please find at the link below a listing of persons buried at the poor farm cemetery. It is in .pdf, and is 146 pages in length. It was compiled by Dr. Joe Squillace utilizing an array of sources. 

Poor Farm Cemetery Burial List