Starting in Spring 2012, we began highlighting the excellent successes of our graduating seniors. The students have constructed personal e-portfolios and we are sharing them with you at the links below.

Class of 2018

Melanie Johnson

Codi Poe

Kaydee Fletcher

Chancey Sturgeon

Jordan Gill

Samantha Knox

Darin Michael

Class of 2017

Kacy Anderson

Hannah DeSpain

Kadie Ellner

Michala Swanger

Crystal Roman

Russell Stuebinger

Antwon Willis

Kylie Hagaman

Andrew Alvarez

Brittonia McKenzie

Class of 2016

Reanna Orr

Roberto Martinez

Sarah Neal

Christa Franc

Class of 2015

Brooke Lovekamp

Samantha Morton

Kait Gotthardt

Meagan Pinkerton

Kelsey Curren