Transfer students must meet all minimum qualifications for admissions to the college (see MacMurray College catalogue). Upon receipt of the student’s transcript from the previous college, the college One-Stop Shop Service (OSSS) office completes a transcript evaluation determining the credit to be given to meet the college’s general education requirements. The OSSS will provide this transcript evaluation to the student’s social work faculty advisor for consideration of granting credit for prerequisite and social work foundation courses. Social work faculty will determine the adequacy of the student’s previous course work for credit based upon course descriptions, occasional review of the actual course syllabi and the overall academic record of the student. Social work practice course credit will only be accepted if the course(s) was taken from an accredited social work program and the student received “C’ or better. All field practicum credit, however, must be completed through the MacMurray College Social Work program.  

Transfer students enter the program with a variety of credits earned.  The student is expected to comply with the social work program requirements that coincide with his/her year in school. Feel free to set up an appointment with a faculty member to discuss or "map" out what your course plan will look like should you decide to transfer.