History and Accreditation

The Social Work Program is housed in the School of Professional Studies at MacMurray College. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The Program has been continually accredited since 1995. Accreditation ensures that the program of study meets or exceeds the curriculum standards, quality of instruction, faculty qualifications, integrity and level of professional competencies required by the Commission.

     Located in lovely Jacksonville, Illinois, the Mac BSW Social Work Program is the most affordable accredited BSW program at a private college in the State of Illinois outside of the Chicago area. 

What will you do to transform the lives of others?

  • Help protect victims of Domestic Violence?
  • Provide counseling and treatment to substance abusers?

  • Assist a family struggling to understand their elderly relative with Alzheimer’s?

  • Establish community-based services for patients transitioning out of the hospital?

These are all activities that MacMurray College Social Work alumni are doing to help transform the lives of others. We’re ready to help you get on the road to serving others for the betterment of humanity and our world! Our Social Work program focuses on preparing students as social work leaders and scholars equipped for the challenges and opportunities of beginning professional social work practice.

 If you want to impact lives, then Mac is for YOU!!  We tailor our education program to your interests, but also provide flexibility for you to discover and explore the many aspects of our profession. MacMurray Social Work will change your life! The transformation on the journey to becoming a professional social worker awaits you here at Mac.

Come join us for your journey!

Dr. Joe Squillace, MSW

Director of Social Work Program

Twitterhandle: @MacSocialWork